Sunday, December 14, 2008

Birthday weekend

Friday we started the birthday weekend with a sleepover for Axelle. She was invited at her best friend's Lore. They rented movies and had a lot of fun.
While she was there, Alain and myself went to a pop concert from a Flemish group "Clouseau". We're not big Clouseau fans, but man, the show was GOOD! They know how to entertain, that's for sure! We did not go by ourselves, we went with Mira and Eddie and together we had a lot of fun.
Saturday we organised a little party for Axelle's birthday although it's officially today that she turns 11. Axelle was so excited because she would get to see her godmother again... and that feeling was mutual. She did not see her godmother for over a year, so yes... they had a lot of catching up to do. Kris, Nadine and Arno were also there of course, since Kris is Axelle's godfather. My parents and my grandmother were the other visitors.
Axelle received a lot of gifts and was happy with every single one of them.
Today we had our neighbors Monty and Rosette over for some birthday cake.
At 4.55 pm we wished Axelle a happy birthday... since 11 years ago she was born at 4.55pm on December 14.
Our neighbor, Fran├žoise, and her kids also came by to wish Axelle a happy birthday and to give her a present.
Our little (big) girl was for sure not forgotten today.
Here are some pictures:

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Busy busy busy

Yes... we've been busy lately... Not only at home, but also at work, where our team needs to finish the new training offer for 2009 by the deadline next Tuesday (December 16). December 16 our online (on the intranet) catalogue will be presented to the company... so no, we are not having long coffee breaks, we are not without anything to do right now!
So no... I did not have a lot of courage to get behind my computer screen in the evening and start writing... till now... because I suddenly realize that I did not write anything in two weeks...

Let's start with the Friday after Thanksgiving. That Friday we were invited in Ghent, where our interior architect (and good friend) Grietje lives. Grietje threw a party for her good friends and we were invited as such. It was a fun party and we got to see our architect, Marylin, again. We had not seen her for a few years, so we had a lot of catching up to do. So much that we decided we need to meet again.
On Saturday, November 29, I invited another friend of mine, Karina, because we had not seen eachother for over more than 2 years and we also needed to do a lot of talking. Alain stayed at home with Axelle and we went out for a few drinks.
On Sunday, November 30, we had a big family gathering in church and afterwards at my aunt's because once a year we meet to remember her beloved husband, my uncle Dirk.
So indeed one can say that I had a rather busy weekend.
A busy work week followed and was nicely ended on Friday evening (December 5) with Tiny and Jurgen who we invited over for dinner. Probably the last dinner we will have with them anytime soon, because end of this month they move for one year to Canada. HAVE FUN GUYS!
Next day, December 6, was a big day for all the kids here, since Sinterklaas (kind of Santa) came over during the night and offered lots of toys to all the kids. Axelle received some board games and stuff for her computer. Saturday was a busy day because we needed to run errands, get some skigear for Alain and Axelle (because they're on a short ski in two weeks) and so on...
Sunday was another busy day.

This week is, what else: BUSY, and like last week, I'm not able to take a full day on Wednesday, I have to go in the office in the morning.
Tomorrow afternoon I'll be Axelle's driver, because they have to go to a retirement home and help out elderly people (with the kids of her school).
On Friday evening we're going out, while Axelle will have a sleepover at her friend Lore (they are going to the movies)... and we're going to a pop concert (to see Clouseau, a local flemish band) together with Mira and Eddie.
Next day we'll celebrate Axelle's birthday (one day too early) with her godfather, godmother and our family.
Sunday, her birthday, we'll be celebrating just the 3 of us.

And I forgot... on Wednesday, December 3 I could not resist anymore and put up the Christmas tree... and cat Niki is very very nice... she did not even look at it. I was scared she might jump into the tree...

And that's it for now!