Friday, February 13, 2009

Today is energy saving day: Thick sweater day

Earlier this week we received instructions from school that on Friday, Feb 13 kids were supposed to put on a good sweater and pants because the heating would be put down in order to save energy and to support the Kyoto plan.

Also if the kids went to school by foot or on their bike today, they would receive something extra at school… all this to try to have less damaging gasses in the air. No need to say that Axelle insisted on going by bike today… I’m curious what she will bring home in the evening…

Also at work we support this action, we received a message they would put the heating lower and so we were supposed to put on warmer clothing. So we did and man, it was necessary… they mean it over here! I’ve been having cold hands the entire day… it was freezing over here… especially with those (again) colder temperatures outside (39°F) and snow water falling out of the sky…

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Happy Birthday

A very happy birthday to our dearest friend (my wife) Tamzen.

Wishing you lots of good things and looking forward to celebrate with you soon.

HUGS & KISSES from all 3 of us