Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Axelle's communion

So on Saturday we had a big day... Axelle's communion.
We got up early in the morning, since we did not think about hairdresser appointments in due time! On Wednesday I found a hairdresser who works on Saturday without appointment, but we could not take any risks and so we got out of bed early to get our hair done. Axelle wanted curly hair and she got it... it was beautiful! I needed a haircut and got one too... while she was cutting my hair I was thinking that soon nothing would be left! Anyway, we got back around 11am at home and Axelle got so excited that she already wanted to put on her new clothes. I did not want her to do that, because I know how she would forget about it and go and play in the garden. We killed time till 3.15pm, time to go to church, we were to meet there at 3.30. The ceremony only started at 4pm and took more than one hour! The priest was not doing a good job (sorry I have to say this), but he was talking about pain, dying aso... not really fun things into relation with your commion I'd say! At the end I began to think he might be in some sort of a depression! When we got out of church, we still had 30 minutes left before the dinner party started. My family came to celebrate Axelle's communion with us, the weather was not too bad, so the kids got to play outside. It was a nice day... that ended way too soon!