Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A new school

Since September 1, Axelle is going to a new school in a town nearby called Mechelen.
She's taking classes at Pitzemburg Atheneum. She picked the school because starting this grade, she immediately gets English too. Most of the time you do not get this in 7th grade.
She insisted on going to this school for that reason mostly.

Since September 1, we already had quite some excitement! There was a general bomb alert in all schools in Mechelen, so the police was everywhere! Nothing happened but safety measures were enormous!

Axelle enjoys going to school, but there is a lot of work, because testing is almost a daily thing! Tomorrow she has a French and another test... and on Monday she has Dutch....
Next week they are going on a field trip, for 3 days. They leave on Wednesday morning to come back on Friday evening, they are going to the Ardens, that's the southern part of Belgium.

They organise this trip to help them get to know each other and to give teachers also the opportunity to get to know their students.

I'm sure it's gonna be fun!

What can I say about me at this moment... nothing much... It's very busy at work, lots of trainings going on, lots of things to do and to check on. Time flies when you're having fun.
I'm having so much fun that on October 1, I'll be for 25 years working for this company, that does not make me any younger does it!

So I decided this calls for a celebration and in honour of my 25 years at the company, I'm organising a Halloween party.

Axelle is helping me out a great deal, since she's making some of the Halloween decorations together with my friend Marc (who's actually, I did not give away this information yet, an artist). So they are both making spiders to decorate the house.

Of course you'll hear more about this and see pictures about it as soon as the party is over...

That's it for now folks!

Big hug and kisses from an incredible warm and sunny Belgium....

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Nele said...

Blij dat ik nog eens iets hoor, en dat alles goed met jullie gaat!
Proficiat met uw "25 jaar", dat kan inderdaad al tellen.
Groetjes aan Axelle!
Nele en co