Wednesday, October 14, 2009

She's got the.... flue!

No no, don't be alarmed, it's not the MEXICAN version, just regular flue!
Saturday it started when we were at Kris and Nadine's for dinner. She got a headache!
So she got a painkiller, but on Sunday morning she still had this headache and was feeling very warm, she had a fever! Also a cough started to add, by Sunday evening she was sick as hell and on Monday not feeling any better.

Called the doctor for a house visit. That's a nice thing here, you do not have to move you sick child to the doctor's office, he comes to see you in your cosy home!

I guess he underestimated this virus a bit, because he only gave her a certificate for 2 days. Today she should be at school, but she's still batlling this virus, still has a fever, still is coughing.... so no school for her!

Went back to the doctor and got a new certificate, she'll be at home till the end of the week, should be free of fever by the weekend, otherwise we'll have to start up antibiotics!

I'm crossing fingers now that I'm not getting this virus! Let's say: I DO NOT WANT YOU STUPID VIRUS! Got too much work to finish, too much shopping to do for my party at Halloween, too much of everything so I can not afford to get sick right now!

As you can read, nothing exciting is going on right now... except that I'm surfing the net go find good deals on hotels and rental cars for next summer. If Marc and his daughters are coming along, I'm sure they're gonna want to see some nice things over there, not just sit at the pool and enjoy a lovely Nancy-made Margarita and enjoy Puska and Jana's cooking! (although we definitely do not want to skip that part either)

So if anybody has some good advise for me... please do not hesitate and skype me, mail me or post a comment.

Thanks! Love and big hugs from sunny but cold (now 1.5°C this morning) Belgium!

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