Tuesday, October 20, 2009

So, finally here I am with some pictures of my holiday in Italy this summer.
Sorry it took such a long time, but... the excuse everybody uses: no time!

I've got some problems with this website as well, can not seem to move pictures once I've uploaded them... so they're a little bit mixed. Sorry for that too!

Hereunder, the gang at the Da Vinci Museum at Vinci, the little town we were staying at. From left to right: Valérie (Marc's daughter, myself and Nadine and in front Arno, Axelle and Kris)
In Florence, we saw very beautiful architecture and of course the statue of David.
We had an incredible view at our pool, it was just lovely to relax there.
On our way to Vinci, we stayed one night in Milan....
The view from our house in Vinci was georgeous!
A visit to the tower of Pisa was of course also planned.
A small town close to where we lived... beautiful.... unfortunately I kind of forgot the name
We visited Florence, known for its big cathedral
We only did window shopping on this bridge over the "ARNO"... check the other picture to see what it looks like from the other side and also see Arno (Nadine's son) on the river Arno...

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wie is de man met de witte hoed een couturier??????????????Verder heel leuke foto's